As soon as we receive the confirmation of your payment, we ship your package within 72h.
See our shipping page for further details.

Shipping price?

Shipping and packaging is based on the clients delivery address.
The shipping price will be calculated at the end of the order.

No satisfaction?

If you are not completelysatisfied with your order, do not worry!
Simply return your unused (in orginal packaging) items, unopened, up to seven days after receipt and we will refund your order, except for the shipping costs.

Please contact us before you return your package.

Are the products safe?

Our temporary tattoos inks comply with the Cosmetic Directive 1223/2009.
Our ink is cosmetic grade, the same as normal make-up .
The ink of our temporary tattoos does not contain henna.

How long will remain the tattoo on my skin?

The ink of our temporary tattoos (and liners) last between 1 and 5 days on the skin.
It all depends where the temporary tattoo is applied on the body. The type of skin is very important, the tattoo remains longer on a dry skin than on a greasy skin.
If clothes are rubbing your skin it can damage your tattoo.

How many tattoos can you make with one tube?

With one tube of our temporary tattoo ink, you can make 50 - 100 temporary tattoos.
Remember to close the inkpad directly after each tattoo (within 15 sec.)

Is the liquid water proof?

Our temporary tattoos are completely water resistant, so you can swim and shower.
However, please remember not to apply soap on the area of ​​your temporary tattoo.

After a shower dab the skin and keep the tattoo oil free.

how can you remove the tattoo?

If you want to remove your temporary tattoo, use make-up remover or baby oil.
If you want to make another tattoo on the same place, remember to make your skin oil free.
(to remove any remaining make-up remover).

how can you make different color tattoo's

The inkpad and stones can only be used for one color.
There are 5 different colors: black, blue, red, green, white and UV-blacklight.
The transparent UV ink is only visible with blacklight.

How do we apply the glitters

After you apply your temporary tattoo you can add glitters.
Apply the body-glue very thin, scatter the glitter over the glue, push the glitter carefully into the glue with the small brush.
Remove carefully too much applied glitter with the fan brush.

How can you buy a gift voucher?

A gift voucher can be ordered online, after the payment you will receive a confirmation email with your voucher code.
With this code, you can order any product in our online store
After shopping, at the checkout,  simply enter the voucher gift code.
The amount will be automatically reduced from the order. If you exceed the amount of the voucher gift code, you will receive an invoice for the remaining amount.

It is very simple to make temporary tattoos yourself.

Before filling the inkpad, shake the tube. For the small inkpad use ½ tube for a large inkpad ¾ tube.
Do not use all ink, otherwise the inkpad becomes too wet.
Safe the rest for later, to refill the inkpad when it becomes a little dry.
After filling the inkpad, wait one hour before use.

Small and medium stones can be used on a small inkpad. (inside the giftpack).
For large and x-large stones you need a large inkpad.

What if you have any more questions?

If you have any questions about your order, or other questions, you can contact our customer service.
(click here).