The tattoo is water-resistant and stays a couple of days on your skin.
The drier the skin is during application, the longer the tattoo will remain on the skin.
The product is derma soft and tested by cosmetics regulations.

Before filling the inkpad, shake the tube. For the small inkpad use ½ tube for a big inkpad ¾ tube.
Do not use all ink, otherwise it becomes too wet.
Safe the rest for later, to refill the inkpad when it becomes a little dry.

After filling the inkpad, wait one hour before use.
Always close inkpad directly after use or it becomes dry (within 15 sec).

Before stamping clean the skin with lotion or alcohol.
Avoid places where clothing rub against the skin.

Role the stone over the inkpad, do not push, or the ink will flood the stone.
New stones are dry. Before use, role the stone a couple of times over the inkpad.

When you role the stone over the inkpad, directly role on your skin without pressure. (the tattoo is dry in 10 sec.)

Pimp your tattoo with colored liners, strass, body-glue and glitter.

apply the body-glue very thin. Scatter the glitter over the body-glue.
Push these carefully into the glue. Remove too much applied glitter.

To remove the tattoo use baby-oil or make-up remover.
After a shower dab the skin. Keep the tattoo oil free.
All our products are for external use only. Do not use near the eyes.
For children use under adult supervision.